Mphasis is hiring 2009 passed out freshers BE/BTech and MCA.. The test will be conducted by aspiring minds. To register for the offcampus fill in the details at ...If you have already attended the offcampus conducted by aspiring minds for hcl then use some other email id to register yourself.. I was scheduled for offcampus at Sai Ram Engineering college on 26th February 2010...

Mphasis Aspiringminds Recruitment Sample Question Paper/Placement Paper

I attended this online exam at sai ram college on 26th february. The online test consisted of 4 sections
  • Logical section
  • English
  • Computer Awareness
  • Aptitude
The Logical(direction and blood relation questions were more in number)and english section were similar to that of the questions asked in hcl aspiringminds...
The aptitude was a little bit tough.... It consisted of logs, Probability(more number of sums), boats and streams, Permutation and combination, discount based sums, profit and loss...

Computer Questions were easy... It consisted of some questions from Data Structures(mostly tress), Sorting algorithm and given a code you have to find the output.....

The chance to apply for Mphasis is still open for you. You can register at just as you did for HCL aspiringminds exam. The last date to register is 10th of March. So dont lose this nice opportunity

Update - Mpahsis Interview  17th march

I attended the GD and HR/Technical interview today. Be prepared for a long day. It all started with a presentation that lasted 2 hrs ;). Then followed by GD.
GD Topics
Is Monopoly good for us.
BT Brinjal
And few other (stupid?) topics :P

If you have knowledge of current events and if you are able to talk for 2 mins you should get through. Think about the topic for a min and talk.

Once you clear GD, you will be called in for a HR/Technical Interview. With two guys interviewing 120 ppl, you will hardly have 5 mins of interview max. Expect question from your project, Area of interest and basic questions on the language present in your resume. Make use of it ;). I guess I did very good. All the best guys, leave a comment if you get selected ;).

Latest question papers download

Cognizant is going to hire for both IT and BPO industry. It is going to hire 2009/2010 freshers from all disciplines BE, B. Tech, MCA, M Tech. You can register for offcampus at While registering it will ask for your semester wise or year wise percentage and also SSLC certificate number(It can be found at the top right corner of your marksheet). The shortlisted candidates will be called for aptitude test... This CTS offcampus will be held in Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore and Kolkata....The mode of education must be full time only

Hi friends i got this cts offcampus pattern from my friend who attended Cognizant campus selection recently. The problems were based on

  • Cubes
  • Ages
  • Pipes and Cisterns
  • Time and Work
  • Profit and Loss
  • Statement and Conclusions
  • Problems based on Trains
There was reduction in marks for wrong answers too.
Update CTS off campus on March 13th

Hi friends i attend cts(cognizant) offcampus March 13th 8'o clock batch. I'm posting the questions pattern asked at cts offcampus at Dr MGR Janaki College Chennai. The offcampus was conducted by Merittrac. If you refer to Merit Trac placement papers you can get an idea. There were two sections
  • Analytical
  • Logical Section
There was no aptitude question. Fully verbal and  nonverbal reasoning. Comprehension based questions were lot and lot and 4 sentences were given you have to select which one was verbally and meaning wise correct. These were full in the logical section. In Analytical there was
  • data interpretation(based on ratio)
  • coding decoding
  • Finding the missing figure and similar figure
The question paper was very easy but time management is important. I suggest you people to take the comprehension based question at last because the passage was too big and difficult to understand. There was no negative marks....

Most of you might have heard that aspiring minds is conducting CBT(Computer Based Test) for HCL(HCL Hiring Freshers). Am writing this post because when I searched the net for placement sample papers and could not find any ... Some of you will be scheduled for CBT tomorrow . This post might help you a little... CBT is online test only. Its divided into 4 sections(Sorry I dont remember the names) The main area of focus was verbal and non verbal reasoning and aptitude(Sums based on log, ratio(only 4 or 5 problems))...The usual time and distance, boats and streams, problems on ages were not there... Just go through

  • statement and conclusion
  • Coding and Decoding(ex abc:efg :: lmn: ? or rush is written as blah blah... then how push is written)
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Blood relations
  • Direction based problems
  • Mostly comprehension type questions
  • 1 or 2 questions from number series(A passage will be given you have to read and answer it) will do
  • Probability (1 or 2 sums)
  • Sentence Arrangement
  • Correct Sentences by replacing the italicized word with correct word(3 questions)
  • No c or c++ or any computer based questions

.. I attended the test today only....and each of the four section has time duration separately(1minute for 1question was the basis for aptitude alone some extra time was provided)
[Am writing this post based upon the online test that i attended(please don't blame me if it was little different for you)]


HCL aspiringminds results have been announced and the shortlisted candidates are called for the interview 

For more question papers check out Aspiring Minds Placement PaperPlacement papers

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

HCL hiring freshers 2009 and 2008 passed out

IT giant HCL is going to hire freshers passed out in 2009 and also 2008. It has put forward a link where you have to upload your details. The link is It asks for only some details like name, college, stream, graduation year, percentage and how you came to know of this openings... If you put referral then it will ask for HCL employee e-mail id... Any way try to get some some reference email id. It may help you to some extent(I am not sure...). After registering a acknowledgment mail will be sent to your email id. There is no need to upload your resume. The shortlisted candidates will be called for CBT(Computer Based Test). This HCL offcampus will be the one that many people are waiting for...

IT industry is back to its form... Major IT companies like HCL, Tech Mahindra have started hiring freshers.... 2009/2008 passed out will be the benefits of this recruitment... Tech Mahindra has annouced that it is going to hire freshers through offcampus. Tech Mahindra is going for offcampus this year. Below are the details of Tech Mahidra Recruitment(offcampus)

You have to send the resume along with the xls format specified by them... You can get the xls format from here